About Event

About Event

We, smart vision, is honored this year to organized the Egyptian women forum, which will stipulate Egyptian women success stories in all life fields, scientific, practical, sporting, copes or in humanitarian, financial and business activities, and will cite those of missionary, and social purposes, whom will be displayed by us in all success aspects of the great Egyptian women. We will enumerate in the forum sessions 30 success stories of Egyptian women, so as to give motivation to Egyptian women to seek occupying pioneer and leadership positions in the following years, and to learn and have experience from leader businesswomen in all life spheres. The Egyptian women forum 2020, will be the first platform in the conducting of business and the social responsibility for the sake of Egyptian women. Thirty success stories of Egyptian women is the title of the Egyptian women forum in 2020, and through five sessions of the Egyptian women forum, we will cite the outline serving the path of a successful Egyptian woman in all fields empowering the Egyptian woman in all life circles.

We all know that the Egyptian woman played  a crucial role all over the Egyptian history, beginning from 7000 years ago, represented by queen “ Hatshepsut “, and queen Nefertiti, and afterwards the Muslim Egyptian queen “ Shagarat Adur”, and many influencing Egyptian women personalities leaving and impact upon ancient and modern Egyptian history. The history of Egyptian women was plentiful and magnificent all over the history, and this is also true in the current time, as actually, in 2020, there are go female deputies in the Egyptian parliament in addition to 8 leaders who are 8 ministers from women, in the actual Egyptian cabinet, and in other words these women look like movie stars, in the sense of the success and diligence for raising the reputation of our beloved country, Egypt.

The forum will focus on 30 of Egyptian women from all social and human levels, constituting success stories from rural and urban areas inside and outside Egypt. Egyptian women inside the country realize a big success, exactly like the Egyptian women outside Egypt with their success stories, a topic of conversation worldwide.

The social responsibility of the Egyptian women is a very important point in the Egyptian women forum, indicating the social responsibility, about which Egyptian women has drawn many lines of big success, on the Egyptian state level.

The social responsibility may be considered an essential base in the societies life, without which life will be a big mess, and jungle law will be common , as strong will swallow the weak, and cooperation will be absent in addition to the dominance of selfishness, individualism. The most important leader in social responsibility in Egypt is the Egyptian woman; there will be always interesting success stories of Egyptian woman.

The entrepreneurship is the most important point of discussion in the Egyptian woman forum 2020, and an important focus of debate, attracting many Egyptian women, in order to answer a big question, hos Egyptian women and ladies act to be leaders in all walks of life, in science, sports, economy, finance and business. Therefore the important question to be tackled in the forum is “how I can act to be a successful businesswoman?”. The answer of this question will be revealed in the sessions of the Egyptian woman forum 2020.



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